No More Guessing How Old You Look! This Site Guesses Your Age.

Do people constantly say you look older or younger than your actual age? Or maybe you want to look older or younger for whatever personal vanity. 

Well, now, you can get confirmation of how old you “look” to others—well, at least how old you look according to Microsoft. 

At, you can upload a selfie or another photo of yourself, and in less than a second it guesses your age.

WARNING: It’s slightly addictive, a bit of fun, and may steal about 10 minutes of your life. The backstory is that Microsoft is testing out its new face recognition API, aka tool. Initially, it hoped to get 50 test responses. But then the developers were shocked when the number soon blew up to over 35,000 people around the world, according to its tech blog. 

What’s most fun is seeing which “looks” it thinks are older or younger on you. This may be of particular concern if you wish to confirm how old you think you appear to your colleagues, your man, your woman, yourself, your dog or whatever—it’s just for fun! 

I tried it out. It never guessed my true age. Hint: I’m only slightly older than the oldest age it guessed, at 30. ;)

One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would do that would tell anything. 
Oscar Wilde 

The one variable was really only my hairstyle. We all know that we can dress ourselves up to look a certain age; as long as we are self-aware and age-appropriate. For me, it can mean the difference between getting carded to buy lottery tickets (minimum age: 18), politely declining advances of sweet, young early-20-somethings, getting past the rope at a club, or getting respect in the boardroom. 

Of course the internet had its hilarious reaction, with those testing the system for Walking Dead zombies, toy dolls, and other inanimate objects. That internet, she sure is a funny gal. 

Now, YOU try! Go to