3 Financial Experts Recall Their First Reckoning with Money, and Offer Savings Tips of Their Own

I spoke with LearnVest CEO and Founder Alexa Von Tobel, and the New York Times' Dealbook editor Andrew Ross Sorkin and Your Money columnist Ron Lieber, and asked, "What was your first reckoning with money?" Here, they share their earliest memories about earning and spending money, and their own savings tips for younger generations. 


When New York Times Dealbook editor and “Billions” co-creator Andrew Ross Sorkin was a child, his first reckoning with money came from, what else, but saving enough to buy ice cream.

“There was this Good Humor truck that would come around when I was about 6 or 7 years old. You could get a stick of gum for a dime, but ice cream or a popsicle was 85 cents. Soft-serve was $1. So I would cobble together pennies to get anything.

Even at a young age, Sorkin, like many of us, realized that everything comes at a cost, with luxury items (like soft-serve) requiring a bit more effort or creativity to obtain...

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As the Lending Industry Awaits Regulation Changes, Innovators Move Full Steam Ahead

The investment industry's fiduciary rule has been delayed by the Trump administration. Are changes to Dodd-Frank regulations next? Regardless, entrants to marketplace and mortgage lending aren't wasting any time. 


A softening was expected from the Trump Administration.

No, not of the stool kind, but of the regulation kind—though some in the financial industries long considered mandates from Dodd-Frank legislation and the proposed fiduciary rule as, well, B.S...

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It's Oscar Night!

I've been slowly trawling my way through all the Oscar-nominated films and I’ve now seen 6 of 9 in the Best Picture category. Of the ones I’ve seen, my pick for Best Picture is (...drumroll)  La La Land. NOT because it’s the obvious choice, but because it was the most impressive of the movies I’ve seen this Oscar season. Check out my 20 Second Reviews for this and other Oscar contenders this year.

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7 Netflix Shows You Should Binge-Watch This Weekend

Old man winter's arrived, and with it Netflix and Chill is simply 10 times more appealing than trekking to a cramped, flu-infested movie theatre. So if you find yourself looking for something new to binge-watch, may I present my shortlist for your consideration.

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Social Media Obsessed? This Year, Get Paid to Post

We're all a little social media obsessed. But for some entrepreneurial It-Girls, tweeting, posting, 'gramming, and snapping became more than a hobby. 
Wielding power over lip color, hotel bookings, what to wear, and where to eat, these ladies found a way to convert followers to consumers, and social media prowess into legitimate businesses. Here's how did they did it.

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Online Lenders Woo Millennials and Homebuyers

As marketplace lending reaches a tipping point, the biggest companies must figure out how to differentiate themselves. Upstart has hired an Uber marketing alum to target more millennial borrowers.
Its credit approvals process considers academic records and future earning power. Also, SoFi is originating $50 million per month in online home loans, challenging the traditionally paper-intensive and slow mortgage process.

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Better Before Bigger: 5 Fundamentals Before You Grow

Every company’s primary purpose is sustained growth. This may involve seeking outside investment, raising capital, or joining and/or acquiring a like-minded company with a similar product, service, or market. But putting the cart before the horse can do more harm than good; here are 5 key fundamentals to get better before bigger.

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7 Financial Stats Every CEO Should Know Before Making a Deal

As a CEO, there’s nothing worse than going blank like a Bambi in the headlights when a potential investor or advisor asks a question for which you don’t know the answer. Not only should you know your stuff, but you should know it so well that they’re the ones running to schedule the next meeting.

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Natalie Zfat Is Remaking Social Media, One Brand at a Time

Natalie Zfat knows a thing or two about social media. In six years she has launched not one, but two companies, serving a client roster that includes big names like Dell, Amex, Levi’s, and Food Network—all of whom have hired her to write, create videos, and host events.

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