Hi there, Iā€™m Shindy. I'm a published author and founder & CEO of Scribe, a financial content agency.

My first book, "The Credit Cleanup Book" (Praeger), was published in October 2014. 

The sequel, "Credit Score Hacks: How to Boost Your Credit Score Fast and Keep it Great," (Scribe) was released in September 2017, and hit #1 on two different Amazon Bestseller lists in its first week.   

In February, "The First Time", was released in February 2017, and was my first work of fiction, and also my first work of erotic fantasy (because why not šŸ˜œ).

My female travel safety site, Girl Going Gone, ran from 2012-2015, and aimed to help women travel safely around the world.

Before Scribe, I was the content manager at Betterment, and a managing content editor for a financial services CRM company. I also worked a bit in broadcast journalism for Bloomberg TV in London and at CNBC in the U.S. for the primetime show ā€œMad Money w/Jim Cramer.ā€ 

Before all of this, I worked in financial services and lending, first at a Fortune 250 company, and later at what was then the nation's 4th largest bank.

For media, press, or speaking requests please contact press@shindychen.com.

Photo: Mike Webb Photography

Photo: Mike Webb Photography