Natalie Zfat Is Remaking Social Media, One Brand at a Time

Natalie Zfat knows a thing or two about social media.

In six years she has launched not one, but two companies, serving a client roster that includes big names like Dell, Amex, Levi’s, and Food Network—all of whom have hired her to write, create videos, and host events.

Natalie’s eponymous social media content company started when she experienced what most would consider a devastating career life-event: she was laid off from her job.

Undeterred and far from discouraged, Natalie pounced on the opportunity to continue doing what she loved, this time on her terms.

“My first job was at Rolling Stone. I was writing for them about music and film and pop culture, and in a very lucky way I was approached to do blog posts and video content and event hosting from a variety of different companies,” says Natalie. “I certainly had a nice network of musicians, talent agents, and fellow journalists who were eager to help and provide advice to me when I was starting my own company.”

But simply having connections is one thing. Proving you can do the work is another. Natalie trusted her business acumen and editorial prowess by taking advantage of one of the least expensive times in history to start a company.

“I’m a blogger, I’m a writer, I create content and video content that lives online. There is such low overhead associated with those businesses. It’s not the way it used to be where you had to set up a brick-and-mortar shop and pay rent or get lighting or insurance,” says Natalie.

When speaking to Natalie, one senses an old-fashioned, entrepreneurial drive that epitomizes the American Dream. Perhaps it was learned while growing up in Coral Springs, Florida, by watching her self-employed parents open up a gas station, then two, then three, then a sandwich shop—they’re now real estate investors.

“I always felt like I wanted to have my own company from a very early age. I love the idea of traveling and I’m not so corporate and a 9-to-5 never really sat well with me,” she explains. “It’s a blessing to be able to want something like that and in the same breath actually be able to fulfill it.”

When the Brands Come Knocking
Natalie’s social media followers (all 260,000 of them across platforms) are treated to inspiring and informative posts that mirror her interests in entrepreneurship, tech and fashion, and of course, the occasional shout-out for brands she endorses.

She’s gained notoriety on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, the latter of which inspired her new favorite messaging app, Cyber Dust, created by Mark Cuban.

In some cases, her follower count exceeds that of the brands she works with. “It makes more sense that I would publish something on my channels for them, and share their message with my followers,” says Natalie, without an ounce of arrogance.

But her posts are more than just pretty images. Recounting a campaign for fashion house Ted Baker, Natalie clarifies, “I don’t consider myself to be a style blogger and it never sat well with me to just post pictures of myself in outfits. I always want to provide value and share the meaning behind, ‘Hey, this is an outfit that you should wear to a job interview’ or, ‘If you’re going to a music festival, here’s how you can stand out on social media.’ Those are, for me, more rewarding, more fulfilling things to post.”

Her Newest Venture
Three years ago, Natalie co-founded The Social Co. with business partner Chondra Sanchez. The company focuses on one-off social media projects for brands, as well as lengthier projects that span anywhere from several months to a year. 

Between the two companies, a day in Natalie’s life varies from one to the next, from hosting events to filming videos, to even taking over a client’s social media channels for the night. As fast as social media is ubiquitous, you can bet this influencer of influencers is on top of every trend, either in or behind the scenes.