How to Work Your Side Hustle Without Losing Your Day Job

The side hustle. The passion project. The job you do after your day job. The thing that 29% of workers are already doing to make money.

After you start making some serious ends meet, the wheels in your brain inevitably get you thinking: Maybe one day this can be my main thing.

Guess what? It can. But it takes work. And you gotta be careful.

I worked for years on my side hustle before launching my content company, Scribe, and now I work with who I want, and on my terms. But getting here didn’t happen overnight. Making your side hustle your main hustle takes preparation, focus, and discipline—seen and unseen. And before you get there, chances are you’re going to need the perks of full-time employment to grant you the financial stability to pursue your side hustle.

It’s imperative that during the building phase, you don’t self-sabotage by messing up at your day job, because it’s your financial lifeline until the magic day when it’s suddenly not. And even if you are fine with forever balancing full-time work and your side hustle, there are ways to do it right. Here’s how...  Read full article at