3 Financial Experts Recall Their First Reckoning with Money, and Offer Savings Tips of Their Own

When New York Times Dealbook editor and “Billions” co-creator Andrew Ross Sorkin was a child, his first reckoning with money came from, what else, but saving enough to buy ice cream.

“There was this Good Humor truck that would come around when I was about 6 or 7 years old. You could get a stick of gum for a dime, but ice cream or a popsicle was 85 cents. Soft-serve was $1. So I would cobble together pennies to get anything.

Even at a young age, Sorkin, like many of us, realized that everything comes at a cost, with luxury items (like soft-serve) requiring a bit more effort or creativity to obtain.

Ultimately, the lesson here is that if you spend more than what you save, you end up with nothing at all.

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